Medical Intuitive and Aura energy reading


Psychic Phone Reading 15 minutes duration.


Medical Intutive reading:

The most comprehensive of all readings. This service covers of just about every aspect of psychic, energetic, physical, mental, emotional wellbeing.


This includes a full written report followed by a one hour psychic reading and follow up consultation regarding the report.  The report is emailed to you first and the the phone consultation/psychic reading is scheduled for a few days later.

Debs scans your physcial, emotional, mental and energetic connections. Cellular memory is in all of these realms and  extends into all of these fascets and into you rconnections with others through your current life path experiences and karmic lineage with them.

Debs can identify physcial ailments and issues, link them to the issue behind them, identfiy chakra blockages.

This knowledge is powerful, enlightening, it gets you r energy flowing again and many people feel the benefits immediately, and make personal breakthroughs thereafter.


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